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How to Conserve Water In Your Dental Practice

The practice of dentistry involves the usage of a considerable amount of potable water. The mechanized system of the operatory is such that potable water is supplied directly through the chair, and wastewater is disposed of through the sink. Aside from using a lot of water, this process also produces contaminated wastewater. Now more than […]

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Dental Ergonomics

As medical professionals commit their available hours to treating patients and improving the patients’ health, these professionals often neglect their own wellbeing. Gearing towards dentists and other dental professionals alike, studies have found that “dentists are exposed to the risk of musculoskeletal problems more than any other professional medical workers.” Thus, this resulted in the […]

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Hello, World. We’re Laguro.

Dentistry is a unique field of healthcare that has remained external to many of the advances and changes that have affected this industry in general. For this reason, the cost of dental education has risen and the ability of new dentists to stay afloat in their early years of practice has diminished. On the other […]

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