Fun Facts About Saliva

Illustration by: Ji-Young Park

Saliva might be something that you view as gross or something that you don’t pay attention to at all, but it actually serves a very important function in our oral health. Saliva is the unsung hero of the mouth as it helps to prevent tooth decay and fights off bad bacteria in your mouth. Because of the important role that saliva plays in your oral health, your body produces a lot of it; approximately two bathtubs worth in a single year!

Saliva isn’t just important to the health of your mouth, though. Saliva is one of the most critical parts of the process of eating food. We take it for granted, but saliva is what enables us to dissolve our food and be acknowledged by the taste buds. So, next time that you are enjoying your favorite food, be sure to thank your saliva.

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Another great thing about saliva is that it basically balances the dynamics of your mouth out. It can protect your teeth and gums, help equalize your mouth’s acid balance, and lubricate the various parts of your mouth to ensure that everything is as it should be and your mouth is in good condition to eat, speak, and breathe. 

It’s clear that saliva is important, but there are even more great things that it can do. Saliva can give data on the health of a person, helps the digestive process, heals wounds in the mouth, and gives signs about how you are feeling emotionally. Saliva is an incredibly important–and interesting–part of your body and oral health.